Housing Authority of The City of Moundsville

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you apply for Public Housing?

You will need to pick up the application for housing at the Administrative Office of the MHA located at 501 Tenth Street, Moundsville, WV or by downloading the necessary form, which can be found here.


Do you have the Housing Voucher Program? 

No, our agency only administers public housing.


What utilities will I have to pay? 

Residents residing in all projects except the Golden Towers are required to pay for electric.  Electric is included in rent at the Golden Towers.  A utility allowance is deducted from gross rent for residents who have to pay for electric.


Are pets permitted?

Yes.  Pets are permitted upon approval of the housing authority based on height and weight requirements outlined in the pet policy.  A pet deposit is required.


Do you have emergency housing? 

No, we do give preference to those displaced due to natural disaster.


How long does it take to process my application? 

Normally it takes approximately 7 to 10 days to perform a background check and prior rental history. 


Once on the waiting list, how long until I am housed? 

Waiting list size and unit availability determine how long you will be on the wait list. 

What is the term of your lease? 

Our lease is a one year lease.  Residents are evaluated at the end of the term and leases can be renewed for another year.


Do I have to be a US Citizen? 

You have to be a permanent resident of the United States.


How is rent determined? 

Rent is based on 30% of adjusted gross household income.


Are apartments furnished? 

All apartments come with stove and refrigerator.


Do your apartments have central air conditioning? 

No, residents supply their own air conditioners.